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Our goal is to develop flavours in the orchard, not in the cidery. We use the cidery to preserve and enhance flavours that have fully matured over the harvest.   


In order to monitor the progress of our fruit's flavour profile, we work with a single orchard less than 1km from the cidery. More importantly, we allow the fruit to dictate the start, middle and end of the orchard's flavour potential. Once we begin harvesting, we often return to the same tree three or four times to allow more flavours to evolve in its underdeveloped fruit.


Fully developed tannins are perhaps the most important aspect in monitoring flavour development. Ripe tannins will make the difference between a fine and premium cider. So, we wait until green skins turn yellow and the reds turn orange and we hand harvest so they can be stored for months. It's hard work but worth every drop of fully developed flavour.


We use a number of acidic varieties such as Katy, Angela, and Betty. They are the hardest varieties to predict. Once fully mature we only have a short window to harvest, before the flavours break down, and preserve their incredible citrus and unique tropical flavour profile.


Perfume is about finding a variety that offers something unique but subtle, a flavour you can't quite put your finger on after that first sip. We have grafted many local, foreign and vintage varieties and discover something new and exciting every time.   

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