Craft Scottish Cider

Having been mentored by Eric Bordelet in Normandy, William Munro Ferguson, our founder, returned to Scotland in 2014 and begun planting his cider orchard on Novar Estate.


Sourcing the trees with the help of John Worle from Somerset, William hand picked twenty-two different varieties of apples to create his own, unique cider blend - grown, pressed and produced on one estate in the Highlands of Scotland.  

Defining Craft Cider

"I have always admired the craftsmanship of distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland. The ambition of craft brewers and micro-distilleries who strive for perfection is a quality I look up to and put at the forefront of cider making."

William Munro Ferguson

At NØVAR, the provenance and quality of our fruit defines our product. After a decade our orchard has come into maturity, and we carefully monitor the quality of every apple that goes into our cider, keeping all production in-house as a single estate cider.  


Nøvar Cider Established. 2020

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