Why Scottish Cider

This is an exciting question because I believe Scotland has the potential to produce some of the best craft ciders and hence why I set up  Nøvar Cider .



After much feedback, we are excited to launch our new elegant and minimal 330ml bottle.


Bottling Time

Nøvar Cider will start its bottling on the first of March 2020. It's an exciting time to be bringing Scotland's most northern cider to market and we look forward to hearing everyone's feedback

A Late Harvest

NØVAR Cider will harvest late into the year to achieve deep notes of tannin and a dark amber finish to its cider. 

A Cidery With a View

Looking out onto the Cromarty Firth the winter barley may be done, but the apple harvest is just getting started.

A Scottish Cidery

NØVAR Cider is proud to have established the most northern cidery in Scotland.   

Orchard Grafting

We decided to remove 100 Black Dabinett apple trees and graft two of our favourite varieties Knotted Kernal and Tremlett's Bitter.

Food Artist

In preparation for its website launch,  NØVAR sought advice from food artist and conceptual stylist Camilla Wordie. 

7 Seasons - Hoxton

Nøvar is pleased to work with 7 Seasons Beer in Hoxton, check out their amazing selection of drinks here.


Full Juice

A little north of Inverness, William Munro Ferguson has founded the most northern cidery; Nøvar Cider. fulljuice.co.uk

Scotland's Cider

Scotland is renowned for producing the highest quality whiskies and beers. We simply want to bring this attitude to Scottish cider production - Attitude not Latitude. 

The Toffee Frost

Close to the sea, our early November frost and clear skies burn our apples skins, intensify their tannins, and sugars, to give unique flavours of burnt caramel and toffee.   

Cider in Scotland 

I am repeatedly asked, "can apples can grow in Scotland?" I think this image of NØVAR's harvest speaks more than words ever could.  


The first harvest of 2019. Major is a small but a mighty apple with strong tannins and sugar, but it will need a little help with acidity. 


Working with photographer Joakim Blockstrom in preparation for NØVAR's website launch.  


Nøvar Cider Established. 2020

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